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Our Biggest Transition as Artists Yet

by Brian Billow on July 03, 2020

To our friends, family, and customers,
If you asked us three months ago what we would be doing this summer, we would have told you that our weekends would be packed full of art shows and our weekdays would be spent covered in paint while creating more artwork. We never dreamed our summer would look completely different than those in summers past.

Like many other small businesses, due to COVID-19, we came to a fork in the road. It was March 12th and we were in Scottsdale, Arizona with a van full of artwork, getting ready to set up our booth for what we hoped to be our most successful year of shows ever. We went to check in received word that the show was being cancelled. What we didn't expect was that all of our shows through the remainder of the year pretty much all of our shows would be cancelled.

The future of large-gathering art shows is unknown at this time, which led us to do something we've been wanting and needing to do for a long time - we've put in the time and our work is now available ONLINE! All we've ever known is selling our artwork at shows, but we are eager and excited to continue our creative work in this new environment.

Will you help us by sharing our website with your family and friends? If you've purchased art from us, we would love if you shared a photo on social media and tagged us so we can continue to get our art into the homes of many!

With Sincere Thanks and Gratitude,
Brian Billow & Michele Scrivner