FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS (excludes originals)

 Mountain Hybrid - The "Mountain Hybrid Series" has been a popular new concept for us.  The originals had a good response with our customers, but the price was prohibitive to many.  I decided to combine a reproduction (the background) and enhance the mountain in a 10 step process just like the original. This gives the artwork depth and texture (by applying plaster) and a beautiful "glow" because of the silver leaf used and the antiquing stain applied in many layers.  It has been very popular with our customers and almost indistinguishable from the original.   Shipping will be added because of the large size of piece.  Contact us before you place the order to get a shipping estimate. *Michele

Originals and Hybrid Reproductions (shipping will be added)

Blue and Gray Mountain (Hybrid) 30" x 60" *Shipping will be added

Sepia Mountain (Hybrid) 36" x 36" *Shipping will be added

Blue and Brass Mountains (Hybrid) 30" x 48" *Shipping will be added

Midnight Rain Diptych - SOLD 12" x 60" each

Gray Rain Triptych 18" x 60" (original artwork) SOLD

Amber Mountains Under Graphite Skies 48" x 48" (original artwork) SOLD

Blue Plaster Aspens 60" x 48" (original artwork) SOLD